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  • Shoes donated on behalf of Jaime Rowley.

Rowley Family Thanks Community For Support

This letter to the Ashburn community was posted at Leesburg/Ashburn Today.

Our lives will forever be changed by the incredibly tragic event that occurred on March 12. We can confidently say that our feelings of loss are shared far and wide, despite whether or not you knew her personally.

It’s hard to find the words that will reflect the gratitude that our family and friends have for this community. During this time of loss and grief we’ve found strength and comfort from all of you who have run, cooked, shopped, donated and prayed for our family and for Jaime’s two daughters. Some of you did so out of the personal love that you had for Jaime; and for those of you who never met her, you did so out of the pure kindness of your hearts.

So many of you have expressed that while you may not have known Jaime personally, you still wanted to show in some small way that you, too, would miss her and grieve for her. We would like to share with you just a little about who she was:

Jaime was a huge Buffalo Bills fan and a fan of football in general. She loved country music and was a really bad singer. She was an avid runner, and ironically, she passed away while doing something that she loved so much. Her personality was vibrant and magnetic; she had a glow from within that always showed on the outside and made others want to be near her. She was dedicated, loyal, fun-spirited, loving and hardworking. She was a daughter, a sister, a “Tia” and a best friend. But above all else, she was a loving mother. Nothing in this world brought her more joy than her two girls. We feel strongly that she is looking down on us, seeing what has been done in honor of her for her daughters, and is nothing short of amazed.

As fellow residents of Loudoun, we’ve always enjoyed the exceptional quality of life and strong sense of community that is so clearly evident here. What we didn’t know is just how strong and united it actually is. And despite the rapid growth and daily hustle/bustle in which we live, Ashburn specifically has managed to maintain its small-town charm. As we continue to mourn Jaime’s loss, we have been comforted by the remarkably overwhelming outreach and support of the wonderful community that she and so many of us call home. It’s fair to say that Jaime and her girls had the good fortune of “belonging” to the community of Ashburn. And while we as a collective family will continue to miss her deeply, we can find some comfort in our memories of her, and the legacy that she left behind.

The love and support that our community has shown us has inspired us to be better people; to love unconditionally; and to make the effort to go that extra mile even when it is for someone we have never met.

On behalf of Jaime, and our entire family, please accept our warmest and most profound thanks for honoring her memory with us. We are humbled beyond words and will be forever grateful to the warmth and love extended by so many during our darkest day.

Judy Rowley, Jaime’s mother
Michele and Alex Wiggins, Jaime’s sister and brother-in-law
Kevin Rowley, Jaime’s brother
Torie and Megan Alfonso, Jaime’s daughters

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