Celebrating 7 Years in Ashburn

We are thrilled to be celebrating 7 years in Ashburn, as THE information source for events, sporting news, business updates, and even nightlife!

celebrate Ashburn

The Find It In Ashburn project came about as more and more people were attracted to this area, seeing the potential for raising their families in an area with great schools and great people. But these newcomers needed the info — what kinds of activities are available for the kids? Where are the schools? What are the new restaurants in town? What shopping is near me?

The First Website

The first incarnation of Find It In Ashburn included pages and pages and pages in the website, including categorizing restaurants by shopping plaza and cuisine. There was so much information is was confusing! In FIIA newsletter2013 we undertook an ambitious project of revamping the website, including research, surveys, and input from the community. The result is the website you see today, unveiled in 2014. The elegant design is simple to navigate and includes Ashburn’s Calendar where anyone can post an event to share with the wider Ashburn community.

The Ashburn Insider

Almost as soon as the website debuted in March 2010, a newsletter was sent to Ashburn residents, the Ashburn Insider. That newsletter continues to grow enormously each year, and the average open rate of the newsletter grew from 28% to 38% today (industry average is 17%). Find It In Ashburn and the Ashburn Insider attracts advertisers from the Ashburn community, eager to connect with Ashburn residents.


Find It In Ashburn regularly receives praise from the community, such as:

“I LOVE receiving these “Insider” newsletters and all about happenings in Ashburn.” ~Kelly T.

“I enjoy your column & writing style. It’s always upbeat, fun, & full of great info I usually don’t see anywhere else.”   ~Marge C.

“I like finding out about events near home that I may not have otherwise heard about, as well as about new businesses opening.” ~Paul M.

“Thanks for all the great info your newsletter provides!” ~Lisa S.

THANK YOU ASHBURN for your continued support of Ashburn’s original community, Find It In Ashburn!

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The New Ashburn Firehouse

The new Ashburn firehouse broke ground on May 22, 2014. Almost exactly 2 years later, on May 15, 2016, Ashburn Volunteer Fire & Rescue  unveiled the new building to the public. This beautiful structure reflects the history of firehouses, with many touches bringing to mind the 1940s, along with the most modern features, such as the alarm system and bifold doors.

If you missed the open house, be sure to take advantage of the next one in the fall. In the meantime, enjoy these photos!

The New Ashburn Firehouse

Lisa Karl of Find It In Ashburn with Peter Edivan, architect of the new Ashburn Firehouse.

Lisa Karl of Find It In Ashburn with Peter Edivan, architect of the new Ashburn Firehouse.


The apparatus entrance of the new Ashburn firehouse.

The apparatus entrance of the new Ashburn firehouse.


Dedication plaque

Dedication plaque


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